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History Revisited - Artmaking

Grade Work Samples
End of Stage 4 (end of Year 8)
Grade A Riley  
Grade B Bailey  

Description of activity

Students make a digital work based on a selected portrait or figurative artwork from the past and images of their world. They create a new meaning or a visual hybrid, to communicate wit, irony or humour, by importing and applying a range of scanned, web and computer-generated images. Students select a range of techniques to digitally manipulate the composition, colours and scanned images, and integrate these within the artwork to support their intentions. In this assessment activity students will reflect on their learning and the teacher will provide written and ongoing oral feedback. The suggested duration of this assessment activity is 3-4 lessons (80 minutes each).


Students have explored the postmodern frame and how artists investigate and respond to their world through digital, temporal and still artworks. Through a study of contemporary photographic and digital artists and photomontage and appropriation practices, students have developed an understanding of why and how artists use past artworks to make new artworks and visual hybrids to communicate wit, irony, parody and humour. The purpose of this activity is for students to select an artwork from the past and create a new meaning for the artwork by importing and recontextualising images from their world, using available software programs. Students can then use this work to develop a video, animation or multimedia artwork, a sculpture or installation work, or a series of designed objects such as T-shirts, posters, post cards and books.

Areas for Assessment


A student:

4.1 uses a range of strategies to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures to make artworks
4.2 explores the function of and relationships between the artist – artwork – world – audience
4.3 makes artworks that involve some understanding of the frames
4.4 recognises and uses aspects of the world as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter in the visual arts
4.5 investigates ways to develop meaning in their artworks
4.6 selects different materials and techniques to make artworks.

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)

Students will be assessed on their:

  • understanding of how the frames and aspects of the conceptual framework can be used to represent ideas and interests in the world through the:
    • use of the postmodern frame in recontextualising an image from art history and juxtaposing their scanned photograph onto a significant art historical work
    • awareness of some agencies of the conceptual framework (in particular, audience, world and artwork) in representing aspects of the cultural conventions of portraiture and the use of wit, irony and parody in communicating meaning to an audience
  • use of a range of strategies, materials and techniques, and the exploration of a number of different artmaking procedures and conventions to create a 2D digital artwork through the:
    • use of a scanner and/or digital camera and/or captured images from the internet to integrate sourced images into a new work
    • understanding of conventions and procedures in digital media, using a software program to manipulate scanned and sourced images to create new images
    • use of a range of applications such as colour correction, scaling, feathering, filters and pixel size to produce a convincing image, saving an image in an appropriate format for example, jpg or PDF files and printing the image
  • exploration of aspects of the world as a source for ideas and subject matter, in a work which communicates meaning through the:
    • integration of their own image, and elements of the school environment, into an appropriated artwork from art history
    • manipulation of the scanned or digitally introduced images of themselves and their world in a way which develops new and interesting meanings.
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