1. Years 7-8
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  4. Still Life Relief Prints
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Still Life Relief Prints

Grade Work Samples
End of Stage 4 (end of Year 8)
Grade A Kerry   Dale   Nicky  
Grade B Ali   Shane  

Description of activity

Students explore the conventions of the representation of still life and block printing techniques to make a two or three colour lino print. They experiment with a range of cutting techniques and tools to represent different surface textures, lines and patterns.


Students have explored how artists have represented the subject matter of still life in different times and places. They have investigated the practice of lino block printing and the particular materials and techniques used by printmakers to represent different subject matter. Some artists include Margaret Preston, Picasso, Indigenous groups and Japanese woodblocks as well as Dutch still life paintings, Cezanne, Braque and Morandi. Students have completed a series of sketches of a still life set up in the art room. They have focused on recording the linear qualities, shapes and patterns of the objects. The students have resolved their compositions and used a variety of cutting techniques to achieve a variety of linear effects. They have considered the interplay between colours, patterns, lines and objects in their compositions.

Areas for Assessment


A student:

4.1    uses a range of strategies to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures to make artworks
4.2    explores the function of and relationships between the artist – artwork – world – audience
4.3    makes artworks that involve some understanding of the frames
4.4    recognises and uses aspects of the world as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter in the visual arts
4.5    investigates ways to develop meaning in their artworks
4.6    selects different materials and techniques to make artworks

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)

Students will be assessed on their:

  • knowledge of the conventions of relief printing practices and the use and effects of cutting tools, printing and registration techniques
  • understanding of the structural frame and how the qualities of objects can be communicated through the manipulation of line, pattern and colour
  • investigation of the relationships between the agencies of the conceptual framework in communicating ideas about the qualities of the subject matter to an audience.
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