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  1. Years 9-10
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Agricultural Technology – Activities

Activities Work Samples
End of Stage 5
(end of Year 10)

Students identify six different weeds that are a problem in crops and describe management plans for each one. View...


Students establish a pot nutrient trial and investigate the plant responses to different treatments. View...


Students perform a standard soil test to determine the pH of the selected site for vegetable production and analyse the results to suggest which vegetable crops to grow. View...


Students identify a limiting factor associated with a vegetable production enterprise and suggest a management practice to overcome its negative effects. They design an experiment to test the proposed management practice, and produce a written report. View...


Students research and present information on the concept of value adding. View...


Students research how management strategies have changed in farm practices in an agricultural enterprise. View...


Students research, assess and present information on the Murray Grey breed and one other cattle breed as part of their agricultural enterprise on beef cattle production. View...


As part of their study and practical experience in the agricultural enterprise of beekeeping, students produce a yearly calendar of the activities of an apiarist. View...

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