1. Years 9-10
  2. Dance
  3. Activities
  4. Safe Dance Practices - Preparing for the Dance
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Safe Dance Practices - Preparing for the Dance

There are no Work Samples available for this Activity.

Description of activity

Students view a dance work of art or excerpt from a dance in class. They reflect on the dancers performing the dance work. Students prepare a safe dance practice report (of about 6 pages) using a range of technologies. The report must include the following as applied to the dancers’ performance and interpretation of the dance work:

  • a training program
  • a nutrition plan
  • injury prevention strategies.


Students have knowledge and understanding of safe dance practices and anatomical structure in relation to dance movement. They have investigated healthy practices, including nutrition and prevention and treatment of dance injuries. Students have applied these principles to the interpretation and performance of a variety of dances.

Areas for Assessment


5.1.1 demonstrates an understanding of safe dance practice and appropriate dance technique with increasing skill and complexity in the performance of combinations, sequences and dances
5.1.3 demonstrates an understanding and application of aspects of performance quality and interpretation through performance
5.3.1 describes and analyses dance as the communication of ideas within a context

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • devise appropriate safe dance practices relating to the selected dance work
  • relate and apply relevant practices to the dancers’ performance of the dance work
  • show how the practices enhance the interpretation of the dance work
  • produce a clearly constructed report.
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