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  1. Years 9-10
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Design and Technology – Activities

Activities Work Samples
End of Stage 5
(end of Year 10)

Students produce a powerpoint for a 'Space' design, documenting the process they have used to design a space. View...


Students sketch three jewellery design ideas for silver jewellery and complete a PMI evaluation of each idea. View...


Students design a client survey and analyse the survey results. View...


Students develop a solution to an identified need. View...


Students will use research, role-play and class discussion as the basis for a written exposition on the impact of automobiles, from the perspective of Henry Ford. View...


Students will develop a flow chart, Gantt chart and development list as methods of communicating project planning for their website. View...


Students will work collaboratively to design and produce a functional and innovative storage solution for a teacher-identified scenario. View...


Students document the evaluation of their final product and the processes undertaken during the development of their design product. View...

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