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Work Samples - Grade C

The work samples for this grade, together, assist teachers to gain a common understanding of the standard of work typically produced by students whose performance, on balance, matches the description for Grade C.

At the end of Stage 5 for the School Certificate, student achievement is reported using the Course Performance Descriptors. Read more about School Certificate Grading.

Activity: Dramatic Monologue (View Activity…)

Students interpret a character from a visual portrait and prepare a 2-3 minute dramatic monologue as that character.

Activity: Letters to the Editor - Food (View Activity…)

Students write two letters to the editor of a newspaper giving opposing points of view on the issue of genetically modified food.

Activity: Popular Film Review (View Activity…)

Students view and write a review on a film of their own choosing for a teenage magazine.

Activity: Oral persuasive presentation (View Activity…)

Students deliver a short speech to persuade listeners to attend a new play production.

Activity: Film Analysis - Cinematography (View Activity…)

Students view the first 20 minutes of a film and write an analysis evaluating the effectiveness of the director's cinematography.

Activity: Shakespeare representation task: Much Ado About Nothing (View Activity…)

Students create a representation of the play Much Ado About Nothing in a new medium that reflects their understanding of the female characters.

Activity: Movie Review and User Comment (View Activity…)

Students choose a popular movie and write a review for a teen magazine and a user comment for a movies website.

Grade C

The student has a sound knowledge and understanding of the main areas of content and has achieved an adequate level of competence in the processes and skills.
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