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English – Activities

Activities Work Samples
Midway through Stage 1
(end of Year 1)
End of Stage 1
(end of Year 2)

Students research an animal and construct an information report. View...

13 12

Students write a procedure for a simple activity. View...

10 8

Students write a recount of an excursion. View...

7 10

Students draft and write a factual description of a toy. View...

9 8

Students are provided with unfamiliar written texts which they read aloud. View...

3 2

Students listen to the reading of a picture book, then write a recount of the story and explain the message it conveys. View...


Students use a prop in a 1–2 minute news presentation to the class. View...


Students give an oral presentation of a simple procedure. View...


Students give an oral presentation of factual information to the class. View...


Students read and discuss factual texts and use the information they have to complete retrieval charts on dinosaurs. View...


Students plan, review and write a description of a character from a book they have read or a film they have viewed. View...

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