Macromedia Flash

The 2006 Standards Package requires the Macromedia Flash web browser plug-in to view the sample scripts. This plug-in allows viewing of audio, video, animated content and some documents.

If you don't have the Flash plug-in installed in your browser, some content may not view correctly, and your browser may indicate you need the Flash plug-in. If either of these occur, follow your browser's instructions, or return to this page and click on the Flash Player graphic below this paragraph. You will be directed to the Macromedia website, and to download the latest Flash installer. Save the installer where you can find it, eg: the desktop.

Get Flash Player

Installing the Flash browser plug-in

After downloading the Flash installer to your computer, double-click on the installer icon. You will see a box that asks you which browsers you wish the plug-in to be installed into. Choose your browser(s) and click OK.

After you close and restart your browser, the Flash plug-in will be installed. You can now view Flash elements of this website.


To print the samples click on the printer icon on the Flashpaper navigation bar. The files will not print from the Browser File menu.